Little Red Army Men

Jan 26, 2017 | by Love Has An Army

Love has an army – and it exists to fight for good. 

Wherever there is hunger, homelessness, addiction, or displacement, the Salvation Army is on the front lines, giving help, hope, and healing. Let’s celebrate all the ways we “fight” for our city. 

Congratulations on finding one or more of our little red army men. Our soldiers fight for love. Join our little army of love. Take a picture of your army man and share him on your social media with our hashtags and URL (

#LoveHasAnArmy  #WeFightForGood


The Manifesto

We fight for families.

We fight for healing.

We fight for the hungry.

We fight for the addicted.

We fight for the homeless.

We fight for the forgotten.

We fight for second chances.

We fight for Alameda County.


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